Terms and Conditions 2

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This page is a continuation of the Terms and Agreements listed on Page 1. By browsing this site, you agree to the terms listed on Page One (1) , linked above as well as the terms below.

You hereby also agree to the following terms:

  1. Agree not to use our platforms for unlawful purposes.

  2. Agree to not hold us liable for any technical problem(s) with this site or platform, and/or any security breach.

  3. Agree that all information provided is accurate, valid, and complete.

  4. Agree not to send/activate/upload any form of trackers, malware, viruses, worms, ransomware, bugs, etc.

  5. Agree to all terms, conditions, and policies outlined in this page.


Cosmetics Dallas is working hard to keep our website available to those who may need additional accommodations or usability. The website is still in a “beta” development phase, and is still being updated to better assist our customers.

Cosmetics Dallas has been taking some courses of action to produce usable information and content. our website includes “alt text”/”Alternative Text” where our website builder allows. Additionally, we’re working on the description text on our site, so it is selectable and inputtable to many screen-readers.

While our Contact Us forms may require CAPTCHA usage, we do accept emails via the email address listed on our shop.cosmeticsdallas.biz webpage.

In any event that one faces struggle or difficulty upon accessing our website, please let us know via email, Contact Us form, or phone, and we might be able to have additional means of providing media/content to you.

As mentioned in the terms of agreement, we do have a physical showroom, located at the Dallas Market Center (also known as the World Trade Center of Dallas).

Please check with Dallas Market Center about their accessibility and accommodations. 

We have been informed of disabled parking spots, wheelchair accessible elevators, etc., but these responsibilities are held by the building management:

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